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Amazon Athena: Resources, Guides and Best Practices

Learn everything you need to get started with Amazon Athena, or discover new best practices that can help you improve performance and reduce costs. Browse through our library of blogs, ebooks, webinars and videos to find answers to your most pressing questions about Athena and the related ecosystem.

Benchmarks and comparisons

Learn how Athena stacks up with other databases and analytic tools.

Analyzing streaming data in Athena

Streaming data is challenging in unique ways. See how to build efficient data pipelines that enable you to query event streams in Athena:

ETL and Data Preparation for Athena

Athena reads data directly from Amazon S3, and the way data is stored on S3 can have a dramatic impact on how much value you get from Athena. Discover best practices around partitioning, compaction and file formats to learn how to optimize your data for analytic consumption.

Improving Athena Performance

Check out our handy guides to learn how to make your Athena queries run faster.

Case studies and reference architectures

See real-life examples and reference architectures to see how companies are using Amazon Athena to analyze large volumes of data.

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Discover why Upsolver is the industry-leading ETL tool for Amazon Athena.