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AWS Athena
Challenges &
Best Practices

Data Preparation For AWS Athena

Download our free whitepaper to learn how to avoid common pitfalls, reduce costs and ensure high performance when working with Amazon Athena.

What will you gain from this whitepaper?

  • Basic overview of AWS Athena
  • Dealing with common errors when working with Athena
  • Challenges in preparing streaming data for SQL engines
  • Improving query performance by optimizing storage - compression, file sizes and more
  • 5 best practices to keep in mind when working with Athena

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About Upsolver:

Upsolver’s Data Lake Platform takes the complexity out of streaming data integration, management and preparation on any data lake - whether it's HDFS on-premise or on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. Our powerful technology empowers any developer to manage, integrate and structure streaming data for analysis at unprecedented ease.