Building a developer tool for data movement

We're on a mission to help unlock the wealth of information encapsulated in data continuously generated by the production environment of every modern business.

We built cloud-native (read infinitely-scalable) technology for ingesting change data from operational databases and streaming data from message busses in prod. Next, we added proactive quality validation and in-motion data observability. By addressing data quality issues as data arrives, Upsolver reduces time and complexity to delivering trustworthy analytics and other mission-critical data applications, without sacrificing data freshness.

Our story

Upsolver is a closely-knit group of data and infrastructure engineers who want to remove the engineering intensive bottleneck for data ingestion in today’s data stack. We built the first version of Upsolver for our own use, and quickly realized the value it would bring to others in today’s data-centric world. While every company has software that helps power the business deployed in production, many either don’t have access to the data these systems generate or are forced to write complex scripts gluing together multiple tools to achieve the simple purpose of ingesting the valuable data into the warehouse or lake. Our thesis was right—today, we claim as our customers companies large and small, spanning industries as diverse as oil & gas to gaming, feeding both operational analytics and customer-facing data products.

Realizing the potential of prod data

Fundamentally, Upsolver widens the aperture of data use cases by unlocking differentiated prod data that heretofore has been difficult to deliver. Ingested live, system logs, clickstreams, IoT sensor feeds, and other continuous data sources can be blended with curated historical and third-party data to create a holistic representation of the business which can power mission-critical data applications, including prod analytics, with unmatched data freshness.

Delivering on the promise of simplicity for developers

Upsolver’s goal is to recreate the simplicity of a database—which was initially built to abstract away the complexity of coding over raw file systems—on top of the tremendous economic and “power at scale” advantages of the cloud. We let users write SQL as the lingua franca for designing pipelines and data transformations, while we automate the high-effort, low-value plumbing. We also allow developers to choose their level of coding, by providing various different development paradigms and integrations within Upsolver. In short, we’re proud to be a developer-first tool.


Ori Rafael

CEO & Co-Founder

Ori has a passion for taking technology and making it useful for people and organizations. Before founding Upsolver, Ori performed a variety of technology management roles at IDF’s elite technology intelligence unit, followed by corporate roles. Ori has a BA in Computer Science and an MBA.

Yoni Eini

CTO & Co-Founder

Yoni is a technologist specializing in big data and predictive analytics algorithms. He served in several senior technology roles, including as CTO of the data science division in the IDF’s elite technology intelligence unit. Yoni holds a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science which he started before he was 16.

Board Members

In Sik Rhee

Vertex Ventures, General Partner


In Sik Rhee is a hobbist turned technologist turned investor – as such, he enjoys acting on first principles to conceptualize and build next generation technology companies. He has been investing since 2006, and is the founder of Kiva Software, Opsware, and Couchbase.


Peter Wagner

Wing Venture Capital, Founding Partner

Peter Wagner is a Founding Partner of Wing. He focuses on the Modern Enterprise, seeking out founders and opportunities that have the potential to transform or create explosive markets. Peter has led investments in dozens of early stage companies, many of which have gone on to complete IPO’s or successful acquisitions. Since leaving Accel in 2011 and founding Wing, Peter invests in and helps to build exciting early stage enterprise technology venture

Gadi Porat

Partner, Head of JVP Cyber Labs, JVP

Gadi has over 20 years of experience in the Hi-Tech industry, in management positions delivering products to global markets. Gadi sits on the board of several of JVP’s companies including Teridion, Iguaz.Io, Vicarius, Valid, Compira Labs, Copilot, Datarix, and Cyberfish. Gadi has an Executive MBA from Bar-Ilan University, Israel and a BA in Economics from Ruppin College, Israel.

Ariel Tseitlin

Partner at Scale Venture Partners

Ariel has a deep background in databases, having come from Oracle, and understands scaling SaaS businesses, having been responsible for Cloud Solutions at Netflix. 

Tomer Ben Moshe

Active Chairman

Tomer spent several years at Amdocs (NYSE:DOX), including as SVP, COO of Amdocs Cloud Services. Before Amdocs, Tomer was the CTO of Microsoft Israel; was co-founder and CEO of Redloopmedia, a mobile advertising network; and also led the Magic SQL product line at Magic (NYSE:MGIC).

Trusted by the best

Upsolver’s innovative streaming data technology is rapidly changing the big data landscape.

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Upsolver Core Values

Earn customers’ trust

Always remember that our customers are actually partners for the journey. They provide the feedback required for building the product, they tie their good name to Upsolver’s success and they provide the funds to run the business. Earn their trust by creating value proactively and continuously. Always! be respectful, quick-to-respond and honest, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Treat the company like it’s yours

Take initiative, own issues and resolve them. Instead of saying “it’s not my job” or optimising for short-term results, hold yourself and others accountable for Upsolver’s long-term success. Give feedback and be open to get feedback since we are all working for the same goal.

Disagree and commit

Harmony can be the enemy of excellence and quality. Challenge decisions and deliverables when you disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting. Be tenacious and don’t compromise for the sake of social cohesion. Once a decision is determined, commit wholly.

Obsessively listen

Customers are aware of the problems they want to solve. Obsessively listen to them and ask questions until you truly understand their pain points and what caused them. Don’t block yourself from feedback even if it conflicts with your basic assumptions about our offering. Where there is pain, there is opportunity.

Simplify and invent

Big data is a very complex field so don’t expect customers to just give you solutions to their problems. Be creative by eliminating steps and options that don’t add value to the process. Surprise customers with solutions that are an order of magnitude easier compared to what they know.

Create the best technology for big data

People are used to managing a tradeoff between ease-of-use, cost and flexibility. Growing fast requires we change the “laws of physics” for big data and cancel this tradeoff using the best technology in the market. Always insist on the best possible processing performance, the lowest possible infrastructure cost, elastic scaling and flexibility to implement any data processing use case.

Integrity first

Treat your co-workers, customers and partners like you would like to be treated yourself. Never discriminate, cheat or insult. Create a fun and professional workplace which you would want your closest family to work for. When you make a mistake and you will, communicate it, find a way to fix it and move on.

Trusted by the best

Upsolver’s innovative at-scale data movement engine is valued by partners, investors and users across the data and technology ecosystems

Partnered with leaders in the modern data stack


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