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The Future Of Streaming Data Is Here

Upsolver was built to solve one of the biggest challenges in modern data technology: giving organizations a simple, cost-effective and scalable way to drive value from high-volume streaming data.


What we’re all about

The rapid growth of streaming data across industries is leading organizations worldwide to abandon traditional data warehouse solutions in favor of data lakes. However, many companies struggle for years to achieve real business benefits from their data lake projects due to long development cycles, complex maintenance and ballooning data lake costs.

Upsolver tackles this challenge head-on. Our innovative technology enables organizations to develop and maintain a high-performance data lake on the AWS cloud or-premises (HDFS) - with minimal effort and at a fraction of the cost. That’s why the world’s most data-intensive companies are already harnessing the power of Upsolver to transform their operations.

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Upsolver’s innovative streaming data technology is rapidly changing the big data landscape.

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Meet the team

The Upsolver leadership team is comprised of some of the top minds in the industry, guiding the company with a steadfast commitment to excellence.