Built and priced for scale

Upsolver pricing is composed of a fixed software fee and a data volume rate that’s one tenth the cost of other solutions.

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Edition Startup
(max. 100 employees)
Standard Enterprise
Upsolver Users 5 15 30
Upsolver Orgs 1 2 4
Clusters per org 1 1 4
Support Business hours
2 authorized contacts
24X7 (production incidents)
4 authorized contacts
24X7 (production incidents)
8 authorized contacts
Dedicated Slack channel
Base license
(per month)
Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Standard features
(exactly once, strongly ordered data)
Data cleansing
Data observability
Schema evolution
Time travel & replay
CLI & Rest APIs
VPC deployment
SOC2 certified
Data volume pricing *
Per TB
0 – 500 TBs Ingested $150 $225 Contact Us
501 – 1,500 TBs $50 $75 Contact Us
Above 1,500 TBs $25 $38 Contact Us

* Upsolver measures volume ingested based on uncompressed JSON files. Pricing tiers are based on cumulative volume across entire contract term.


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