Deploy Upsolver Your Way

Upsolver is designed to provide maximal control, flexibility and privacy for your data.

Keep all your data on your S3

Regardless of whether you choose to deploy Upsolver on your virtual private cloud or ours, Upsolver clusters read data from S3, process it in-memory and write back to the S3 bucket. Upsolver never stores any of your data on disk, but you can choose where our processing, serving and streaming clusters will reside:

Your VPC

If you’re handling sensitive information or are bound by regulatory requirements, you can choose to deploy Upsolver on your own Amazon VPC. Upsolver will manage its servers in your VPC but won’t have access to your data.

Upsolver VPC

Go completely serverless by deploying to Upsolver VPC. In this case, Upsolver will process the data on its own cluster and send it back to your S3 – No data is stored on disk in Upsolver’s VPC. Cluster management and scaling is on us.

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