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How SQLake works

SQLake makes building a pipeline as easy as writing a SQL query. It eliminates tedious and error-prone manual engineering work such as job orchestration, file system optimization, and infrastructure scaling, so you can get pipelines into production fast.

Upsolver's Unique Technology

Orchestation Eliminated

SQLake ingests and manages data in a strongly consistent manner, eliminating the need for orchestration, so you can be more productive.

Decoupled State Store

Unlike key-constrained standard Spark implementations, SQLake's built-in state store supports billions of keys by leveraging the scalable resources of the data lake.

Table UPSERTs, No Full Scans

Upsolver outputs tables to your data lake or data warehouse. Tables are incrementally updated to cost-effectively provide up-to-the-minute data freshness.

Lowest-Cost Processing at Scale

Upsolver processes data on low-cost Spot instances, and separates ingestion from processing to scale up to millions of events per second and PB of data in process.

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