December 15, 10 AM PT | 1 PM ET

SQLake in 60
A Hands-on Workshop

  • Need to deliver analytics-ready data with up-to-the-minute freshness?
  • From batch and streaming sources?
  • Without the pain of manual orchestration?

Then join us for this interactive hands-on workshop, where together we will build near-real-time data pipelines using Upsolver SQLake.

In the SQLake IDE you will create a worksheet and use SQL commands to ingest and stage raw source data, create transformation jobs as queries, and output analytics-ready data to a target table.  Then you will preview, run, and monitor your job.

In the 1 hour session, the following will be covered as you build three end-to-end streaming pipelines:

  • Sign up and gain access to Upsolver SQLake
  • Ingest raw data from an S3 bucket
  • Convert and stage data in an optimized Apache Parquet table
  • Discover the schema and profile of ingested data
  • Create calculated fields and aggregations using SQL
  • Output transformed data to a target table in S3
  • Query the target table using Amazon Athena


There will be time for Q&A after the workshop completes, as well as a sneak peek into future workshop sessions.



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