July 12, 2023

SQLake in 60: A Hands-on Workshop

  • Need to deliver analytics-ready data with up-to-the-minute freshness?
  • From batch and streaming sources?
  • Without the pain of manual orchestration?
  • Leverage CDC to ingest PostgreSQL or MySQL data

Join us for this interactive hands-on workshop, where together we will build near-real-time data pipelines using Upsolver SQLake.

This workshop will also show you how you can leverage CDC to replicate data from PostgreSQL or MySQL into your pipelines.

In the SQLake IDE you will create a worksheet and use SQL commands to ingest and stage raw source data, create transformation jobs as queries, and output analytics-ready data to a target table.  Then you will preview, run, and monitor your job.

In the 1 hour session, the following will be covered as you build three end-to-end streaming pipelines:

  • Sign up and gain access to Upsolver SQLake
  • Ingest raw data from an S3 bucket
  • Convert and stage data in an optimized Apache Parquet table
  • Discover the schema and profile of ingested data
  • Create calculated fields and aggregations using SQL
  • Output transformed data to a target table in S3
  • Query the target table using Amazon Athena

There will be time for Q&A after the workshop completes, as well as a sneak peek into future workshop sessions.



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