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The Scale of a Data Lake
The Simplicity of Software

Upsolver is the superior way to implement, maintain and operationalize a data lake. Explore Upsolver's groundbreaking Data Lake Platform to discover how easy it can be to handle streaming data and unlock its business value.

Why Data Lake Platform

Disrupting Streaming Data Analytics

Data Scale

Unlimited Scale

Upsolver provides elastic scaling from GBs to PBs with unparalleled ease. With Upsolver, streaming data integration and management is completely hands-free allowing your data lake to grow without friction or effort.

Faster Insights

More Insights, Faster

If you’re spending most of your time preparing streaming data for analysis, you’re doing it wrong. Upsolver solves the big data engineering bottleneck with self-serve data preparation for analysts, data scientists, product managers and developers.

Zero Coding

Zero Complexity

Simplify your big data architecture without sacrificing any capabilities. Build and maintain a data lake on Amazon S3 with a single tool (a simpler alternative to Spark), without coding, DevOps, data integration or management headaches.

Upsolver Saves You Time and Money

You don’t need a team of engineers working hundreds of hours to have an efficient data lake. You just need the right tool.

Without Upsolver

Time to stable implementation: 3 Months - Years

Total Cost of Ownership: $300,000 - $5M / Year

Required Infrastructure:

  • Amazon S3
  • Hadoop/Spark
  • Key-Value Store
  • Data Lake Management

Required Manpower:

  • Analytics Users
  • Big Data Engineers
  • DevOps

With Upsolver

Time to stable implementation: 3 Hours - Days

Total Cost of Ownership: $25,000 - $300,000 / Year

Required Infrastructure:

  • Amazon S3
  • Upsolver

Required Manpower:

  • Analytics Users

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