Confluent and Upsolver

Validate and send streaming data to downstream users reliably at scale

A quality streaming experience

Confluent makes it easy to stream data out of your prod environment. Upsolver helps you send that data directly into the warehouse or lake with quality validation, so you can start driving value from your most differentiated data-in-motion.

What’s in common? A cloud-native, fully managed service that removes the headaches of cluster sizing, resource scaling, failure handling and infrastructure management. Same benefits, complementary parts of the data pipeline.

That's why we partnered—to give you end-to-end managed quality streaming data at scale. To learn more, read the blog!

The result: high-quality near real-time data delivered from prod to analytics ❤️

Deliver quality-validated data from Confluent to Snowflake in under a minute

Ready to ingest streaming data into downstream applications?

As a Confluent Cloud and Upsolver customer, you can set up data ingestion from Confluent Kafka using the Upsolver wizard in minutes.

As an Upsolver user, you can get easily setup with a Confluent-Upsolver pipeline by first creating a free trial account on Confluent Cloud and then following the wizard.

If your data is in motion but not generating value in motion yet, sign up for a one-on-one session with an Upsolver engineer today! »»»

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