Your Data Lake Just Got Simpler.

Upsolver is an industry-leading Data Lake Platform that empowers any developer to manage, integrate and structure streaming data for analysis at unprecedented ease.

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Data Lake Platform for AWS S3

The Cloud Data Lake Platform
For AWS S3

Upsolver's Data Lake Platform takes the complexity out of streaming data integration, management and preparation on Amazon S3, allowing a single user to transform streaming data into analytics in minutes (literally).

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Streaming data preparation

Data Lake Management Platform

The Scale of a Data Lake.
The Simplicity of Software.

Drag & Drop Data Preparation

  • With Upsolver, it’s incredibly easy to transform streaming data into analytics using an intuitive drag & drop interface, giving you the analytical capabilities of a database, at the scale of a data lake

No-Touch Data Integration & Management

  • Upsolver streamlines data integration between all major input and output platforms and your existing data lake
  • Upsolver automatically handles the underlying file management and optimization on your AWS S3
Product & Features

Disrupting Streaming Data Analytics

Data Scale

Unlimited Scale

Upsolver provides elastic scaling from GBs to PBs with unparalleled ease. With Upsolver, data integration and management is completely hands-free allowing your data lake to grow without friction or effort.

Faster Insights

More Insights, Faster

If you’re spending most of your time preparing streaming data for analysis, you’re doing it wrong. Upsolver solves the big data engineering bottleneck with self-serve data preparation for analysts, data scientists, product managers and developers.

Zero Coding

Zero Complexity

Simplify your big data architecture without sacrificing any capabilities. Build and maintain a data lake on Amazon S3 with a single tool, without coding, DevOps, data integration or management headaches.

Want Proof?

Upsolver is so powerful and easy that we can set up a full proof of concept on all your data in one hour - for free.


Powered By Volcano™ Technology

The groundbreaking In-Memory Computing Technology that can store 10-20x more data in RAM

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