The only no code
Data lake engineering platform

  • Raw data
  • Data lake
  • Query engine

As easy as you can imagine

Upsolver combines data lake economics with database simplicity and speed.

The shortest path from data streams to data lakes

Upsolver reduces your most difficult data engineering challenges to a standard SQL query. Streaming ingestion, file system management, upserts on S3 – it’s as easy as you can imagine.

Build a no-trade-offs analytics data lake

Upsolver (no code)

Time-to-value in days

  • Visual SQL IDE
  • Self-service for any developer or analyst
  • Automated performance optimization

Spark ecosystem

Months-long projects

  • Scala, Java and Python coding
  • Restricted to highly-skilled coders
  • Tedious configuration and tuning
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Here's What Customers Say About Us

Upsolver enabled us to focus on new product features instead of infrastructure and pipelines.
Seva Feldman
ironSource Mobile, VP R&D
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Upsolver is the shortest path from streaming to workable data. We easily turned terabytes of log data into structured datasets for BI & data science.
Guy Buyango
Sisense CTO & Co-Founder
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Upsolver makes big data much easier than it would be if you had to research all the tech it covers, learn how to apply it, implement the same, then deploy it.
Bob Lunney
The Meet Group, Lead Data Architect
With Upsolver, we had an operational data lake with demonstrable value to our customers in three weeks. Doing the same ourselves with open-source solutions would have taken us four months.
Alon Horowitz
Co-founder and VP R&D, Meta Networks
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Upsolver only takes 10% of my time and replacing it would require hiring a team of Spark engineers.
Yaron Cohen, VP R&D
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Upsolver gives flexibility with the data that cannot be achieved by other data tools.
Amit Attias
BigaBid, VP R&D
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Upsolver makes ETL a breeze! Its support for Amazon Athena is very impressive!
Gordon Lowe
Upsolver has reduced the time to market for our ETL solution that we had to urgently roll out for a major release.
Faizal Mohammed
Togo Group
With Upsolver we were able to fully and easily productize the raw data processing, and have various team members manage the raw data for various purposes without any hassle.
Or Boiman
CFO, Avantis