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The Data Lake Automation Platform

Upsolver is a self-service platform that bridges the gap between data lakes
and data consumers.

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What is Upsolver?

Upsolver is cloud-native platform that you configure using a simple, visual UI and SQL. The world's most innovative companies use Upsolver to automate all data lake operations: ingestion, storage management, schema management and ETL flows (including aggregations and joins).

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“Upsolver lets me handle data lake operations in my spare time. It’s that easy.”

- Guy Boyango, CTO, Sisense

“Upsolver lets us focus on features rather than infrastructure and pipelines.”

- Seva Feldman, VP R&D, ironSource Mobile

“We launched our real-time data architecture in weeks, which saved us 24 months of engineering.”

- Amit Attias, Co-founder and CTO, Bigabid

“We transitioned from a data warehouse to a fully operational data lake in 3 weeks.”

- Alon Horowitz, VP R&D, Meta Networks

Customer Stories


Save thousands of engineering hours with a visual interface and auto-pilot management.


Deliver advanced analytics by combining event streams with historical big data in real-time.


Make all your data available for near real-time analytics and real-time applications.


Add as much compute power as needed for scale and isolation between workloads using a fully decoupled architecture.


Avoid data loss and duplication by using exactly-once processing at every step of your data value chain.


Let users choose their own analytics tool (AWS Athena, Presto, Spark) by storing data and metadata in an open format within your cloud account

How it Works

Self-service system for data analysts

Upsolver was built from the ground up to unlock the business value of event streams, with a cloud first architecture that empowers data consumers to be self-sufficient with streaming data and data lakes.

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