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Prepare Big and Streaming DataIn Minutes

Upsolver shortens the implementation time of Big and Streaming Data projects from weeks/months to minutes, literally.

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Crunching 100s of TBs in RAM

Powered by the cutting edge Volcano™ technology, Upsolver stores 10-20x more data in RAM - turning complex data engineering projects into a few clicks.

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In-memory data preparation

No More
ETL Bottlenecks

Instant Access To Fresh Data

  • Fast - Big Data processing and delivery 10x faster than Spark
  • Simple - Configured in minutes with a drag & drop UI or SQL
  • Scalable - From 10s of GBs to PBs with Amazon S3 and EC2
  • Secure - Private or public cloud deployment (GDPR compliant)
Product & Features

Reduce 50%-90% of Your Big Data Projects Cost

  • Low cost storage on your Amazon S3
  • Pay for data preparation on-demand (per hour)
  • Avoid expensive big data projects with Spark/Hadoop
  • No data engineering, no IT

AWS Partner Network

Upsolver is an official AWS Technology Partner.

Upsolver VS Alternatives

Upsolver Upsolver
INDEXING Requires Additional Key-value Store Included (Out-of-the-box)
DATA MODEL RDDs Hierarchical
MAINTENANCE On-going (Both for cloud & on-prem) Not Required
WINDOWING Limited To Raw Data In-mem Unlimited Using S3
SPEED - 10x Faster

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Want Proof?

Upsolver is so powerful and easy that we can set up a full proof of concept on all your data in an hour.

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Powered By Volcano™ Technology

The groundbreaking In-Memory Computing Technology that can store 10-20x more data in RAM

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