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Edition Big Data Ingestion SQLake
Primary use case Ingestion to data warehouses and data lakes Data lake ETL (ingestion, transformations and output to target systems)
Price $99 / TB ingested Contact Us
Trial 30 days, complete feature set 30 days, complete feature set
Deployment Customer VPC Customer VPC
Exactly-once, strongly ordered data delivery
Data observability
Schema evolution
Time travel & replay
CLI & Rest APIs
Multiple users per organization
SOC 2 compliance
Support Standard included, Enterprise for an additional fee (see below for details) Standard included, Enterprise for an additional fee (see below for details)
Transformations No-code UI
Cleansing functions, column masking, flattening
Joins, aggregations, filtering, 150+ custom functions
Term No minimum (pay-as-you-go) 1-year minimum
Database change data capture (for an additional fee)
Compute clusters 1 (multiple clusters available for a fee) Unlimited
Maximum # of cluster instances 32 Unlimited
Multiple organizations No
Multiple regions No
Standard support Enterprise support
Authorized contacts 1 Unlimited
Response times Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm Eastern Time 24 x 7 “follow the sun”
Support account manager No
Support solutions architect No
Reporting & operational reviews No
Remote monitoring No
Proactive alerting No
Price Included Contact Us


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