Case Study:
How ironSource built its cloud data lake


Watch this 10 minute video to discover how ironSource, the industry leader in mobile app monetization, manages petabytes of streaming data in a cloud data lake architecture – powered by Upsolver, Amazon Athena, and Amazon S3.

Watch the case study to discover:

  • Alternatives to cloud data warehouses
  • How ironSource balances massive scale with end-user agility
  • An insider look into the operational architecture that powers ironSource mobile
  • Why ironSource chose Upsolver on AWS instead of in-house development using Apache Spark

Watch the Video

Upsolver powers adtech industry leaders

We make data lakes easy

Upsolver was built from the ground up to simplify data lake engineering.

The low cost of a data lake makes it attractive for all sorts of analytics workloads. This is especially true for adtech use cases, where the speed and scale drives significant cost. But data lakes have been notoriously difficult to engineer, requiring hand-coding and complex configuration.

Upsolver’s no code data lake engineering platform shields you from the complexity of the data lake. Anyone with some SQL knowledge can build, test and deploy an analytics pipeline in days. Compare this to the months required to hand code, debug and deploy data lake jobs using Spark, Scala and Airflow.

Watch the video now to learn how ironSource did it.


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