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The Data Lake Platform Build a scalable data lake on any cloud. No data engineering required

Upsolver’s Data Lake Platform takes the complexity out of streaming data integration, management and preparation on any cloud data lake - AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Data Lake Platform for Amazon S3

The Scale of a Data Lake.
The Simplicity of Software.

Upsolver eliminates the need to “glue” together different components to store, process and consume streaming data, cutting down the time-to-value and cost of big data projects. A set of advanced stream processing algorithms do the heavy lifting for you, and an intuitive drag & drop interface enables practically anyone to transform streaming data into analytics in minutes.

Data Integration

Effortlessly stream data to and from your S3 data lake

Upsolver streamlines data integration between all major input and output platforms and your existing data lake.

  • Get your data streams from Kafka / Kinesis to S3 with no data loss or duplications and at any scale
  • Connect to an existing data lake or bucket on S3
  • Easily deliver columnar data to SQL engines like Athena, Impala and more
  • Data schema is managed automatically (schema-on-read)
  • Output connectors to: AWS S3, AWS Redshift, AWS Athena, Impala, Presto, Elasticsearch
  • Multiple input and output formats: JSON, CSV/TSV, Avro, Parquet, Protobuf

Data Management

Data Management

Automated file management on AWS S3

Upsolver automatically handles the underlying file management and optimization on AWS S3:

  • Improve S3 performance by compacting small files together and splitting big files
  • Improve S3 data freshness using a managed hot-cold architecture
  • Partition data by actual event time and handle late events
  • Seamlessly replay data from S3 to incorporate additional fields
  • Manage tables and partitions using AWS Glue Data Catalog or Hive

Data Preparation

Get your streaming data ready for analysis, in-flight

Upsolver makes it incredibly easy to transform streaming data into analytics using an intuitive drag & drop interface. Finally, you’ll have all the analytical capabilities of a database, at the scale of a data lake.

  • Blazingly fast in-memory data processing at any scale
  • Pre-aggregate your data in-flight
  • Enrich data with hundreds of out-of-the-box functions or Python snippets
  • Work with nested JSON without manual wrangling
  • Join between data streams and enrich with historical data in-flight

Cloud Deployment


Upsolver can be deployed either on our VPC or your VPC.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Your data always remains private - it resides ONLY on your S3.

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