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Streaming Data Preparation Platform

Let Upsolver Do The Heavy Lifting For You

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Simplify your big data architecture by streamlining data integration, preparation and management with a robust data lake platform.

Reading Data

Upsolver reads your raw data as is: JSON, CSV, TSV, Avro, Parquet and more.

  • Build-it integrations: S3 / Kafka / Kinesis
  • Exactly-once read from Kafka / Kinesis
  • Replay from S3

Data Sources

Data Outputs

Delivering Data

Upsolver delivers data to:

  • S3 in various file formats including JSON, CSV, AVRO, Parquet. Upsolver also manages partitions and optimizes S3 file sizes
  • Analytics databases like Athena, Redshift and ElasticSearch
  • Upsolver itself for key based API requests in under 1 millisecond


Upsolver offers 100s of functions to clean and enrich raw data including hierarchies and arrays:

  • Standard ansi-SQL functions
  • Advanced functions for numbers, strings, dates and arrays
  • Extraction of geo data from IPs (using MaxMind)
  • User agent parser
  • Filters
  • User defined functions in Python

Data Enrichment

Data Aggregation


Upsolver offers streaming aggregations that work for any size time window (using S3):

  • Regular or aggregated output tables
  • Sessionization
  • Accurate count distinct in real-time and at scale
  • Nested aggregations for user/device profiling


All of Upsolver's monitoring metrics are sent to internal monitoring system like DataDog or Influx. Upsolver user interface can also be used for monitoring.

Full storage & compute separation

Cloud Deployment


Upsolver can be deployed either on our VPC or your VPC.


Data Privacy

Your data always remains private - it resides ONLY on your S3.

Data Privacy

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