Let Upsolver Do The Heavy Lifting For You

Simplify your big data architecture by streamlining data integration, preparation and management with a robust data lake platform.

Reading Data

Upsolver reads your raw data as is: JSON, CSV, TSV, Avro, Parquet and more.

  • Build-it integrations: S3 / Kafka / Kinesis
  • Exactly-once read from Kafka / Kinesis
  • Replay from S3
Enable real-time data serving

Delivering Data

Upsolver delivers data to:

  • S3 in various file formats including JSON, CSV, AVRO, Parquet. Upsolver also manages partitions and optimizes S3 file sizes
  • Analytics databases like Athena, Redshift and ElasticSearch
  • Upsolver itself for key based API requests in under 1 millisecond


Upsolver offers 100s of functions to clean and enrich raw data including hierarchies and arrays:

  • Standard ansi-SQL functions
  • Advanced functions for numbers, strings, dates and arrays
  • Extraction of geo data from IPs (using MaxMind)
  • User agent parser
  • Filters
  • User defined functions in Python


Upsolver offers streaming aggregations that work for any size time window (using S3):

  • Regular or aggregated output tables
  • Sessionization
  • Accurate count distinct in real-time and at scale
  • Nested aggregations for user/device profiling


All of Upsolver’s monitoring metrics are sent to internal monitoring system like DataDog or Influx. Upsolver user interface can also be used for monitoring.

data lake ingestion


Upsolver can be deployed either on our VPC or your VPC.

Data Privacy

Your data always remains private – it resides ONLY on your S3.

data lake ETL Demo

Batch and streaming pipelines. No DAGs.

Streaming plus batch in a single pipeline platform

No Airflow – orchestration inferred from data

$99 / TB of data ingested | unlimited free pipelines

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