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Upsolver helps hundreds of data professionals simplify and automate complex ETL pipelines, saving thousands of engineering hours and making data lakes accessible by every data consumer in the organization.

Check out some of our case studies to learn how Upsolver improves performance, reduces cost and eliminates data preparation bottlenecks for the world's most innovative organizations.

“I saw a demo of Upsolver and it looked amazing, but I thought - ‘well, it’s just a demo’... then I started working with the software and could get exactly the structures I needed out of the hundreds of gigabytes we were streaming daily, and it just worked.”

-Guy Boyangu, Co-founder and CTO, Sisense
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“Upsolver plays a crucial part in our core data infrastructure, and the team has proven to be a reliable partner that’s been committed to our success from day one.”

- Amit Attias, Co-founder and CTO, Bigabid.
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"With Upsolver, we had an operational data lake with demonstrable value to our customers in three weeks."

- Alon Horowitz, Co-founder and VP R&D, Meta Networks (acquired by Proofpoint)
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"Upsolver's ETL pipeline helped improve our efficiency and reduce the time from ingestion to insight from 24 hours to minutes."

- Yossi Wasserman, Data Collection & Innovation Team Leader, SimilarWeb
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"Since we’ve started using Upsolver, we can make any change we want, it happens in literally minutes and it just works."

- Sagi Waitzman, CTO at Vicomi
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