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Upsolver helps data-driven companies simplify their big data architecture and rapidly transform streaming data into analytics.


Using Upsolver to:

Analyze product logs for Sisense Cloud

Game Effective

Using Upsolver for:

Streaming data preparation for customer success

"Within days, we could start delivering real-time actionable insights to our customers."


Using Upsolver for:

RTB personalization

"Upsolver solved one of my biggest data problems in no time."


Using Upsolver to:

Provide real-time analytics for their customers

"Upsolver saves us a lot of time and money on DevOps and Big Data Analytics. Great experience!"

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Using Upsolver for:

Internal research & monitoring and customer-facing analytics

"Upsolver producing the type of value you can’t argue with. There is no other way we could have achieved the same results in so little time with any other technology."

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Using Upsolver for:

Mobile SDK monitoring in real-time

"It took us about an hour to build a pipeline from Kafka to Athena including the number of distinct visitors for every segment we track."

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