Upsolver Community Edition

Set your data lake analytics free.

Use our no code data lake engineering platform in our sandbox or your AWS or Azure account. Design and run batch and streaming data flows through our visual IDE and high-speed compute engine. Transformed data is instantly accessible via popular query engines, data warehouses or databases. It’s free forever and easy to get started.

  • Free forever
  • Visual SQL IDE
  • Rich transformations
  • Premium support (14 days)

Get started instantly

Design your data lake in minutes

  • Start building pipelines instantly.

    The Community Edition has all the functionality you need to build working data lake solutions on your own data, without pulling out your credit card.

  • Run Upsolver in our cloud or yours.

    Discover everything Upsolver can do for your organization in our sandbox environment, or run jobs on your data lake (your data never leaves your account).

  • Fully Secure

    Go from prototype to production to scale.

    Design your at-scale, high-performance, real-time data pipeline and then see it come to life with a single click. Run smaller workloads for free – and scale on-demand when you need to.


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Upsolver Community Edition.

Build working solutions for stream and batch processing on your data lake in minutes.

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