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A Roadmap to Self-service Data Lakes in the Cloud

In this in-depth technical paper we will present the infrastructural challenges of working with big data streams, and how to tackle these challenges using a Streaming Data Platform that provides data management, processing and delivery as services - all within a data lake architecture that utilizes the scalability of cloud object storage. We will show how you can simplify the process of transforming streaming data into workable data, dramatically shortening time-to-value and increasing success rates for streaming data projects.

Upsolver Architecture

Get the free technical whitepaper to discover the shortest path from streaming to usable data:

  • Challenges and developments in Cloud Data Lakes
  • Architecture overview for managing, integrating and structuring streaming data with Upsolver
  • Building an agile data lake on Amazon S3 using Upsolver
  • Enabling real-time and ad-hoc data consumption
  • Case studies and reference architecture
  • Upsolver vs alternative architectures

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