Data Ingestion on AWS

Upsolver is a continuous data ingestion platform
purpose-built to overcome the quality challenges posed by complex data.

Deliver trusted data to maximize analytics value

Product Brief
Continuous Data Ingestion Product Brief

Stop bad data from polluting your data warehouse and lake.  Get high quality, observable data integration with with Upsolver’s big data integration platform.

5 Examples of Data Quality Problems that Break Your Warehouse or Lake

Discover the key challenges of data ingestion and how to ensure data quality and freshness in our latest whitepaper. Read this to learn from real examples of modern, practical solutions for addressing common issues such as:

  • Out-of-order data
  • Duplicates
  • Missing data
  • Schema drift
  • Data drift
  • And more...

On-Demand Webinar
CDC for your Cloud Data Warehouse or Lake

Listen to our webinar as we explain the pros and cons of architectures for CDC such as table differencing, timestamp-based CDC, and event triggering. Learn  new approaches to CDC via database transaction logs enable you to replicate database changes in real-time. You’ll see how easy it is to:

  • Monitor database logs for changes with minimal impact on the source database.
  • Clean, aggregate and join data in real-time.
  • Query replicated tables from your data lake or data warehouse.
  • Replay events for time travel and adapt to schema evolution.

Apache Kafka and a Real-Time Data Lake Architecture for Analytics

What are real-time data challenges and how do Apache Kafka and a data lake architecture solve them? Get our guide to find out!


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