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Change Data Capture for your Data Lake and Warehouse

Operational databases hold critical information that is extremely useful for data science, business intelligence, ad hoc analysis and even machine learning. Database replication, particularly through change data capture (CDC), is a popular way to provide analysts with access to data in those databases for insights on the state of the business without straining operational systems.

Join us as we explain the pros and cons of architectures for CDC such as table differencing, timestamp-based CDC, and event triggering. Learn how new approaches to CDC via database transaction logs enable you to replicate database changes in real-time. You’ll see how easy it is to:


In this webinar, we will:

  • Monitor database logs for changes with minimal impact on the source database
  • Clean, aggregate and join data in real-time
  • Query replicated tables from your data lake or data warehouse
  • Replay events for time travel and adapt to schema evolution


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