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Transform with SQL

Batch and Streaming
Data Lake ETL with SQL

Extract, transform and load live data streams and historical big data into Athena, Redshift, ElasticSearch and RDS - with familiar ANSI SQL. Your data lake has never been more accessible.

Self-service for data consumers

Data analysts and developers can build streaming data pipelines. No Spark/Hadoop required

Frictionless data preparation

Easily prepare terabytes to petabytes of data for analysis, including joins between multiple streams.

Instant access to fresh data

Write your SQL once to continuously get data that is always stays fresh, up-to-date and optimized.

Feature Highlights

Screenshot: Automatic Replay Clusters

Complex transformations in a familiar syntax

Need to analyze streaming data? Forget about writing hundreds of lines in Scala, clusters and workflow orchestration. If you know SQL, you’re good to go - including native support for nested data, rolling aggregations and window-based joins.

High cardinality joins between streams and data lake storage

With Upsolver, you have a single, SQL-based platform for all your ETL - batch, micro-batch and real-time - and for all your historical and live streaming data, leveraging Upsolver’s unique data lake indexing,

Joins between streams using UpSQL

Fresh, up-to-the-minute data without ever updating your query

Write your SQL once and get low-latency data forever. Your query will return fresh data even as your data changes over time, with live data from Kafka available in Athena within seconds to minutes.

Scalable, repeatable workflows

Copy and paste SQL to quickly iterate and create new data pipelines at the speed of your business

Screenshot: Multiple Stream Visibility

Optimized data for consumption with no additional effort

Focus on your analytic workflows while Upsolver does all the data engineering magic under the hood: partitioning, compaction, indexing, and more

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