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Streaming Data and Data Lake Architecture: The Ultimate Guide

What’s the best way to design and build a data platform that’s aligned with your use cases?  How do you decide which stack to choose for a given business scenario, given the proliferation of new databases and analytics tools?  How can you turn the coming onslaught of data to your competitive advantage?

Building a modern streaming architecture eliminates the need for large data engineering projects later.  It ensures flexibility so you can support a robust set of use cases.  It can abstract the complexity of traditional architecture into a single self-service platform that turns event streams into analytics-ready data.  And it makes it easier to keep up with the pace of innovation and get ahead of the competition.

In this e-book, read about the streaming industry landscape and:

– get an overview of common options for building an infrastructure

– see how to turn event streams into analytics-ready data

– cut through some of the noise of all the “shiny new objects”

– come away with concrete ideas for wringing all you want from your data streams.

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