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Cut Real-Time Data Prep Costs for Snowflake by 70%

Do you want fresh data, but cloud data warehouse costs keep you up at night?  You’re not alone.

Data warehouses are brilliant at batch-oriented data. But they’re limited when ingesting and processing complex, streaming data.  Latency can become too long and costs can get unmanageable – especially at scale.

Read this short guide to learn how Upsolver can help you

  • Implement up-to-the-minute freshness in Snowflake
  • Reduce processing costs by over 70% (per benchmark study)
  • Speed pipeline development by eliminating orchestration

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Learn why many of our customers use Upsolver to feed live, prepared data to their CDW. Look at the results in specific dollars, development time, and data freshness, and understand how Upsolver can deliver 14X faster processing for 20% of the cost for a 70X price/performance advantage.

We can deliver for you, too.

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