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Sorry! This offer is no longer available. Watch a recorded demo of Upsolver instead.

What will we cover in these sessions?

In this 15 minute session + Q&A, we’ll show you how you can use Upsolver on AWS to radically transform the way you build and manage your data lake: ingesting batch and streaming data, transforming data in flight, and delivering structured data for analysis in Athena, Redshift or Snowflake.

Learn why leading companies such as Wix, ironSource, and Clearly chose Upsolver to power their next-gen architecture, and ask our engineering team anything at the end of the session!

Terms and conditions apply. You must attend a full session from start to finish in order to be eligible for any giveaways or prizes. If shipping the items to your area proves difficult, we reserve the right to offer an Amazon gift card of similar value in place of any giveaway or prize. Images on this page are for illustrative purposes and do not necessarily represent the actual giveaways that will be delivered. Attending multiple sessions does not entitle you to multiple giveaways – up to one giveaway item and one prize per unique attendee in all sessions.


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