Easy button for high-scale data ingestion

Empower software engineers to prepare and deliver the most complex application data for analytics & AI, in minutes! Enjoy the cost savings and scale of a cloud-native Lakehouse, without the engineering pain.

27 Trillion rows


50 PB


35 GB / sec

peak throughput

Build on the modern Iceberg Lakehouse

Warehouse-like capabilities and performance without the vendor lock-in or complex data engineering workflows to build and manage

Upsolver support for Iceberg

Iceberg Table Optimizer

Reduce costs and accelerate queries for any Iceberg table

Our table optimizer continuously monitors and optimizes Iceberg tables, those created by Upsolver and those created by other tools. It automatically applies data engineering best practices to reduce storage costs and accelerate query performance – no optimization jobs or custom management needed!

Use our open source Iceberg Table Analyzer to quickly analyze your existing lakehouse and identify problematic Iceberg tables.

Use our Iceberg Table Optimizer with any of your existing Iceberg tables and get an immediate performance boost.

Real-time database replication

Give your business an edge with up to the minute data! Easily ingest data from operational stores to the warehouse and Apache Iceberg-based lakehouse with minimal configuration and automatic table maintenance and optimization

High-volume CDC connectors

Our source and destination connectors are built with scale in mind, offering the most reliable, fast and cost-effective replication solution for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, SQLServer and more.

With our Apache Iceberg connector, merging updates and deletes in the data lake is easy and painless. Our table optimizer continuously monitors and adjusts your data to ensure peak query performance for analytics users.

Need more ways to bring in high volume data?

We got you covered! Read the documentation for more

Leave the heavy lifting to us

Declare your ingestion job and we’ll do the rest like…

Schema evolution

Automatically handle schema drift including new or removed columns, column renames and data type changes

Guaranteed delivery

Reliable, strongly ordered, exactly-once delivery at any scale

Eliminate bad data

Quality expectations allow you to alert and eliminate bad quality data from entering your warehouse or lakehouse

Unify data in motion and data at rest

A single platform for developers to ingest, transform and load streaming and historical data

Empowering the next generation
of data developers

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