Hive to Iceberg Tables Migration

E-Learning Module

In this eLearning module, Roy Hasson, VP of Product at Upsolver, will walk you through the key strategies and considerations for migrating Hive tables to Iceberg.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Migration Strategies: Learn the differences between in-place migration, which adds Iceberg metadata to existing files, and full migration, which involves a complete data transfer.
  • Simplifying In-Place Migrations: Discover how to utilize the Iceberg migrate procedure for adding data files to Iceberg tables, streamlining the process without rewriting your data.
  • Performing DML and optimizations: Understand how DML operations and optimizations like compaction are handled with migrated tables and what you can do to get the most benefit from your new Iceberg tables.
Roy Hasson
VP Product

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