Smarter data insights with Upsolver intelligent stream ingestion and Amazon Redshift serverless


Join our webinar on September 28, 2022 to learn how Amazon Redshift Serverless, working with Upsolver makes running and scaling your analytics solution a breeze–all without having to manage your data warehouse infrastructure.

Roy Hasson
Head of Product, Upsolver
Roy Hasson
Head of Product, Upsolver

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Watch this webinar to learn

  • Upsolver serves real-time tables to Snowflake at a fraction of the cost
  • How you can transform your data using SQL and load the results into Amazon Redshift in less than 5 minutes–see how Upsolver will automatically detect your schema changes, updates, and deletes rows, and allows you time travel when you need to reprocess these events
  • Learn how to query the data that is ingested by Upsolver using the new Amazon Redshift serverless without needing to configure or manage your data warehouse infrastructure
  • See how Upsolver and Redshift Serverless allows customers to onboard new analytics and machine learning use cases quicker, allowing data teams to not worry about data pipelines, orchestration tools, and scheme changes, and focus more on delivering analytical insights.


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