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Upsolver and dbt for Snowflake

Simplifying Reliable Data Ingestion for Snowflake

Upsolver's data ingestion platform enables high quality, observable data ingestion from streams, files, and operational databases for the Snowflake Data Cloud. Roy Hasson, head of product at Upsolver, shows how you can now easily build dbt Core models that deploy data movement tasks on Upsolver, bringing software engineering best practices to data ingestion for the first time.

Disaster recovery

Stream of Consciousness | Disaster Recovery

Learn how Upsolver has adapted best practices for disaster recovery to streaming data from sources such as Kafka and Kinesis so your data architecture is always resilient.

Streaming Joins and Aggregations

Stream of Consciousness | Streaming Joins and Aggregations

Learn how Upsolver performs joins and aggregations efficiently on massive data in motion.

dbt Incremental Models

Stream of Consciousness | Incremental Models with dbt

Upsolver CTO and Co-Founder Yoni Eini and Head of Data Santona Tuli break down incremental models — why we need them and why they’re difficult to write.

Strong Ordering of Data

Stream of Consciousness | Strong Ordering of Data

Data ordering is a prerequisite for exactly once processing. Watch to find out how Upsolver solves this difficult problem.

Exactly Once Processing

Stream of Consciousness | Exactly Once Processing

Yoni and Santona explain how Upsolver has implemented effective exactly once processing by leveraging idempotency — the concept that a repeated process should always produce the same result — and at least once processing.

Types of Streaming

Stream of Consciousness | Types of Streaming

Upsolver CTO and Co-Founder Yoni Eini and Head of Data Santona Tuli explore the most common types of streaming data organizations encounter.

Stream of Consciousness | Realtime

Upsolver CTO and Co-Founder Yoni Eini and Head of Data Santona Tuli dive into the definitions of realtime and how they relate to data ingestion and analytics.

Designing and Implementing Data Mesh

Designing and Implementing Data Mesh

Learn practical approaches you can implement today to help your company start benefiting from Data Mesh.

CTO Lunch and Learn | Pipeline Synchronization

Join Upsolver CTO Yoni Eini to learn how we automate synchronizing pipeline tasks to guarantee strong consistency.

CTO Lunch and Learn | Time Consistency in Stream Processing

Join Upsolver CTO Yoni Eini to learn how to ensure events are properly ordered in Upsolver's stream processing engine.

CTO Lunch and Learn | State Store Management

Join Upsolver CTO Yoni Eini to learn how we automate state score management at scale.

CTO Lunch and Learn | Orchestration

Learn from Upsolver CTO Yoni Eini about automating orchestration of pipeline tasks as data velocity increases fro daily to minutes.

ending dag distress

Ending DAG Distress

Building Self-Orchestrating Pipelines for Presto

Upsolver Workshop

Learn to deliver analytics-ready data from batch & streaming sources with no manual orchestration

Upsolver SQLake Tutorial | Data Ingestion

Upsolver SQLake Tutorial | Data Ingestion

This brief demonstration walks through the first part of building a declarative data pipeline: Ingesting data into SQLake.

ironSource Built a Streaming Data Lake for Ad Data

ironSource managed to transform 500K events per second, using only a visual interface and SQL, saving thousands of engineering hours.

Create and Curate a Simple Data Pipeline

In this brief video, we demonstrate in real-time how easy it can be to build, enrich, preview, and go live with a complete streaming data pipeline

Go From Nested Data Arrays to Flat Tables for Athena

Discover how Upsolver helps you take streaming nested data containing arrays and prepare it for Amazon Athena.

Create a Streaming Data Pipeline for Product Analytics

Watch this video to see how quickly you can build a data pipeline and begin analyzing data from your data lake

Upsolver product demo: data lake engineering made easy

See how you can combine data lake economics with database simplicity and speed, and simplify your cloud analytics initiatives

Ingest & analyze Salesforce data with Upsolver on S3

We walk you through the architecture and detailed steps to ingest data from Salesforce to an Upsolver-enabled Amazon S3 bucket.

Upsolver: Make your data lake analytics-ready

Take this quick tour of Upsolver's capabilities and see how you can combine data lake economics with database simplicity and speed.

Load CDC data to Snowflake database

Upsolver can load data into many databases including Snowflake. This video guide shows you how to create a Snowflake data output.

Using Upsolver to index less data into Splunk

Many users are looking for ways to reduce their Splunk cost. This video provides an example of how to index less data into Splunk.

Finding the Needle in the Data Lake Haystack without Code

Learn how to set up & operate a data lake using Upsolver, query it from Athena, & visualize anomalies with Looker - with no code.


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