Databricks Delta Lake vs Open Data Lake: Overview and Comparison

Discover the differences between a native data lake and Delta Lake, and learn why leading organizations choose an open data lake approach to manage and analyze their streaming data.

The Delta Lake Solution

Delta Lake is described as ‘a transactional storage layer’ that runs on top of cloud or on-premise object storage.
Delta Lake promises to add a layer or reliability to organizational data lakes by enabling ACID transactions, data versioning and rollback.
In this technical paper we’ll take a closer look at Delta Lake and compare it to a data lake ETL approach, in which data transformations are performed in the lake rather than by a separate storage layer.


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What will you learn from this comparison guide?

  • Why storing transactional data in a data lake is challenging, and how organizations address this challenge.
  • Pros and cons of the Delta Lake approach versus using Upsolver for data transformation.
  • Implementing change-data-capture (CDC) in a cloud data lake using Amazon S3 and Upsolver.
  • Use cases and reference architecture.
delta lake architecture

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