Iceberg Lakehouse Architecture: Adapting for High-Scale Streaming Data

Apache Iceberg and lakehouse architectures are rapidly gaining popularity. While implementing Iceberg for some use cases is straightforward, adapting it for large-scale streaming data requires advanced configuration and expertise.

Read this technical paper to understand the adaptations needed to optimize Iceberg for high-scale streaming data, addressing key challenges and performance improvements.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Merge-On-Read Paradigm: How Iceberg’s native support for Merge-On-Read (MoR) tackles the small files problem and enhances data update performance.
  • Efficient Data Deletes: Techniques for applying equality deletes in streaming data scenarios to reduce file scan overhead and improve query efficiency.
  • Query Engine Optimizations: Approaches for handling frequent updates and minimizing I/O operations in streaming environments.
  • Streaming Updates API: Insights into the new API designed to commit multiple data updates efficiently, reducing overhead and improving overall system performance.
  • And more...

Download Whitepaper

This whitepaper serves as a comprehensive resource for those looking to leverage Apache Iceberg in their data engineering and machine learning applications.

Who should read this guide?

  • Data Engineers and Data Architects: Professionals focused on designing and optimizing data pipelines and storage solutions will find valuable insights into implementing Apache Iceberg to manage large-scale data efficiently.
  • Technical Managers and CTOs: Decision-makers responsible for choosing technologies and planning data strategies will gain insights into the advantages of Iceberg over traditional data management solutions, supporting informed technology selection and investment.
  • Database Administrators and Developers: Those managing and developing database systems can learn about Iceberg's approach to solving common issues related to data consistency, performance, and schema management.
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