From Theory to Practice: 4 Examples of Iceberg Architecture

Learn how leading companies implemented Apache Iceberg in their data engineering architecture. This whitepaper provides architectural diagrams as well as an in-depth review of Apache Iceberg implementation in companies like Adobe, Netflix, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and more.

By reading, you will gain advanced insights such as:

  • Advanced Schema Management: Understand Iceberg's approach to schema evolution and partitioning, and how it supports high-scale data architecture, ensuring data consistency and accessibility.
  • Performance Optimization:: Discover how Iceberg's unique file tracking and partitioning mechanisms significantly reduce operation costs and improve query efficiency in petabyte-scale environments.
  • Real-World Applications: Gain knowledge from real-world examples, including Airbnb's migration from HDFS to S3 using Iceberg, LinkedIn's efficient data ingestion pipeline, Netflix's incremental processing solution, Adobe's data reliability improvements, and more.
  • And more...

Download Whitepaper

This whitepaper serves as a comprehensive resource for those looking to leverage Apache Iceberg in their data engineering and machine learning applications.

Who should read this guide?

  • Data Engineers and Data Architects: Professionals focused on designing and optimizing data pipelines and storage solutions will find valuable insights into implementing Apache Iceberg to manage large-scale data efficiently.
  • Technical Managers and CTOs: Decision-makers responsible for choosing technologies and planning data strategies will gain insights into the advantages of Iceberg over traditional data management solutions, supporting informed technology selection and investment.
  • Database Administrators and Developers: Those managing and developing database systems can learn about Iceberg's approach to solving common issues related to data consistency, performance, and schema management.


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