Amazon Redshift Pricing: The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Reducing your Cloud Bill

Amazon Redshift is a fully managed and scalable data warehouse service in the cloud.  Redshift’s speed, flexibility, and scalability, along with a frequent stream of new features and capabilities from AWS, make it one of the most popular data warehouses in use.

But Redshift can be expensive, and its pricing model can be difficult to understand.  Examining the nuances, options, and methods of Redshift charges is time-consuming.  It can be hard to feel confident that you have optimized your Redshift bill.

Read this comprehensive, end-to-end guide to learn:

– How Redshift pricing is structured and what are the different options

– How to hone in on the right Redshift cluster size for your situation

– Optimizing your data for faster, cheaper Redshift queries

– How to use Upsolver to optimize your continuous data pipeline between sources, data lake storage and Amazon Redshift

+ BONUS: 3 additional video resources including our exclusive Snowflake benchmarks

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