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Amazon Athena:
5 Success Stories
to Learn From

Amazon Athena is one of the fastest growing services in AWS. But what types of use cases is it best suited for, and how does it fit in with the broader cloud ecosystem?

With the broad range of databases, analytics tools and query engines available, it can be daunting to understand when you should use Athena and when you should choose another tool such as Amazon Redshift, and how to successfully implement Athena to get the most value out of it.

In this guide, we’ll review 5 case studies of companies that have been very successful with Amazon Athena – including Cox Automative, Sisense, and others – so you can learn exactly how they did it.

In this e-book, read about Amazon Athena use cases and:

– learn how to use Amazon Athena as part of a modern data lake

– read about using Athena for log analytics, data warehouse replacement, streaming analytics and more

– find out how to optimize ETL for Athena using Upsolver

– view reference architecture and diagrams

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