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Finding the Needle in the Data Lake Haystack without Writing Code

Detecting small anomalies that lead to big results is hard – that’s why they’re called anomalies, a deviation from what’s normal. It’s especially hard to find small, non-obvious trends in a data lake full of data pulled from various sources.

Upsolver, Looker, and AWS can help you with this.

Download this webinar recording to learn more about how your team can set up and operate a data lake using Upsolver, query it from Athena and visualize important anomalies with Looker,  without a single line of code to drive better business outcomes.



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Topics Covered:

  • Understand the challenges your team faces when it comes to streaming and analyzing real-time data
  • Enrich and transform data with Upsolver for downstream data exploration and analytics
  • Leverage the AWS ecosystem to build a no-code anomaly detection process
  • Monitor and evaluate your anomaly detection results with Looker for continuous improvement



Ori Rafael, CEO & Co-founder, Upsolver

Roy Hasson, Sr. Business Development Manager, AWS

Shohei Narron, Technology Alliances Manager, Looker

Eric Carr, Partner Sales Engineer, Looker


Who Should Listen:

Data practitioners, technology leaders, executives, business leaders, emerging leaders



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