An event for data architects and data engineers with Upsolver CTO Yoni Eini

AMA - DAGs vs Self-orchestrating Data Pipelines

Manually orchestrating data pipelines with Airflow-directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) is a pain. Sure, it’s easy to build out something simple, but putting a pipeline that relies on a DAG into production – that’s a different story.

Join Upsolver’s CTO Yoni Eini and Principal Product Manager Santona Tulli for this exclusive Ask Me Anything-style webinar for data architects and data engineers to learn how Upsolver developed SQLake to eliminate manual orchestration of data pipelines. The session will cover:

  • Challenges with managing DAGs for data pipelines in production.
  • The Upsolver approach to eliminating manual pipeline orchestration.
  • An open Q&A with Yoni about the pros and cons of various approaches to building and maintaining data pipelines



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