CDC Replication from
SQL Server into Snowflake
3 Modern Techniques

On-Demand Webinar

Building ingestion pipelines that replicate data and tables held in Microsoft SQL Server databases into your Snowflake data cloud for reporting and advanced analytics can be challenging.

This on-demand webinar will walk through the three most common techniques, offering a comprehensive comparison and valuable insights into each approach.

Key topics that are covered and demonstrated during this session:

  • Pure ELT: Ingesting raw data directly from SQL server into Snowflake
  • Pure ETL: Ingesting raw data into a data lake and transforming it prior to loading into Snowflake
  • Hybrid (EtLT): Ingesting data directly into Snowflake while applying transformations in flight

About your presenter – Jason Hall is a Senior Solution Architect at Upsolver. With over 15 years of industry expertise, Jason has successfully tackled diverse challenges in companies of all sizes, from startups to large corporations.

Jason Hall
Senior Solution Architect @ Upsolver

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