Is Real-Time Data a Fad?
Misconceptions, Pitfalls and Getting It Right

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Our Data, Product and Architecture experts discuss a growing trend amongst data teams: replacing or augmenting batch workflows with real-time ones.

You may be wondering if this trend is here to stay and whether you have real-time use cases at all? Misconceptions about real-time data and the gotchas of streaming technologies can make it quite tricky to incorporate data from these sources and unlock their value through analytics and ML.

Our data movement experts will help you identify when the move to streaming is necessary versus when it could be detrimental. We will explore the trade-offs and pitfalls in designing real-time systems:

  • Inefficiencies inherent in adapting batch methodologies to streaming contexts
  • The optimal balance between stateful and stateless configurations¬†
  • Strategies for rectifying streaming data anomalies without interrupting data flow

You will learn techniques for getting real-time data ingestion and processing right on the first try and walk away with answers to these important architectural questions for building real-time pipelines:

  • How can I keep my data ingestion in sync with the rate at which data is produced without breaking the bank?
  • How do I know if my real-time pipelines are working properly and the data flowing through them are correct?
  • How do I choose the right infrastructure and tech stack for future scalability?¬†
  • Is unifying batch and streaming workflows a realistic outcome? How do I achieve it?
Jason Hall
Senior Solution Architect
Ajay Chhawacharia
Senior Solution Architect
Roy Hasson
VP Product
Santona Tuli
Santona Tuli, Ph.D.
Director of Data

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