Advanced Techniques for Optimizing Iceberg Lakehouse Performance

Recorded Webinar

As the adoption of Iceberg-based lakehouses continues to expand, the imperative to enhance the performance of Iceberg tables has become increasingly critical. A meticulously architected data lakehouse is vital for maintaining cost efficiency, ensuring data reliability, and enhancing query performance.

In this webinar, we will review key strategies and best practices to improve the performance of your Apache Iceberg lakehouse.

The topics to be covered include:

    • Hidden Partitioning: This advanced feature enables data partitioning without necessitating alterations to user queries or a deep understanding of the underlying partition schema. It optimizes query performance through strategic data organization that aligns with usage patterns, facilitating efficient data pruning and minimizing the volume of data scanned during queries.
    • Automated Compaction for Enhanced Performance: Discover how automated compaction processes consolidate smaller files into larger aggregates, thereby accelerating query speed and boosting efficiency.
    • Leveraging Shared Storage Across Engines: Acquire insights into the deployment of shared storage solutions, which ensure unfettered data access and manipulation by diverse query engines, thereby promoting scalability and operational flexibility.
    • Z-Ordering Optimization: Understand of Z-ordering, a sophisticated method for structuring multidimensional data within your Iceberg lakehouse. Through the interleaving of bits from multidimensional attributes into a singular dimension, Z-ordering amplifies data locality and markedly enhances query performance by enabling more effective data filtering and retrieval.
    • And More…

This webinar is designed for data engineers, architects, and analytics professionals aiming to fully harness the capabilities of their Iceberg lakehouse.

Join us to explore these advanced techniques and transform the efficiency and performance of your data architecture.

Jason Hall
Senior Solution Architect

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