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Architect your AWS Lakehouse for Streaming Data

With streaming event data, businesses can monitor interactions in realtime and make smart decisions before it’s too late. The IoT, telecom, IT and security industries were some of the first to adopt streaming data, and now new leaders are emerging in every industry as they build their competitive differentiation on real-time insights.

But batch data isn’t a thing of the past. What if you could unify streaming and batch data in a single platform? Data experts from AWS and Upsolver will show you how!

Join us as our data wizards from Upsolver and AWS show you how to:

  • Build and manage Data Lakehouse architectures on AWS
  • Unify batch and streaming in a single platform with Upsolver SQLake
  • Eliminate manual pipeline orchestration and time consuming DAG troubleshooting
  • Develop and execute pipelines entirely in SQL – no Spark skills required!

See a demo of Upsolver SQLake, which helps you build data pipelines in minutes on a managed AWS Lakehouse, using only SQL.



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