Recorded Webinar: Deep Dive into O’Reilly Declarative Pipelines Report

Unlocking Complex and Streaming Data with Declarative Data Pipelines

Not everyone has the time to read a 40-page O’Reilly report on how to unlock complex and streaming data with declarative data pipelines. But everyone can find 40 minutes to learn from the authors about how new technologies have transformed the way modern data is processed for analytics.

The report co-authors Ori Rafael & Rick Belodeau sat down for a fireside chat to:

  • Discuss how major changes in data sources, consumption and management systems are making modern data engineering so challenging
  • Unpack PipelineOps, that consumes up to 90% of data engineer’s time but only delivers 10% of the value.
  • Detail new architecture patterns such as event sourcing, stream processing and declarative pipelines
  • Compare 5 common approaches for building modern data pipelines
  • Assess how to best modernize your analytics data pipelines




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