Iceberg Tables Optimization Techniques

E-Learning Module

This eLearning module is designed for data engineers, architects, and anyone working with Iceberg Tables. We will cover essential optimization techniques crucial for maintaining a healthy Iceberg architecture according to best practices.


What will be covered?

  • Effective Data Ordering: Learn how to optimize data retrieval through strategic ordering techniques to enhance query performance.
  • Efficient Partitioning Strategies: Discover methods to partition Iceberg tables efficiently to ensure data is organized for optimal access and processing speed.
  • Managing Small Files: Address the common challenge of small file management in Iceberg tables, which can degrade performance and increase costs.
  • Sharing Iceberg Tables Externally: Explore best practices for sharing Iceberg tables across different environments and platforms, ensuring compatibility and maintaining data integrity.


Presented by:

Jason Hall
Principal Solution Architect

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