Build Iceberg Lakehouse with S3, Athena & Upsolver

Recorded Webinar

Watch Yonatan Dolan from AWS and Yoni Eini from Upsolver as they walk you through a practical implementation of a Data Lakehouse using Apache Iceberg.

You’ll learn firsthand, through live demos, how Upsolver’s data ingestion and management platform for Apache Iceberg, combined with Amazon S3 cost-effective storage and Amazon Athena fast interactive queries enable you to efficiently handle petabyte-scale datasets with ease.

You will learn how to:

  • Create Iceberg tables in Amazon S3 and make them discoverable via AWS Glue Data Catalog
  • Perform ETL on top of Iceberg tables
  • Analyze your Iceberg tables to understand their health and potential areas for optimization
  • Automatically optimize your existing Iceberg tables with Upsolver


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