How to Choose a Catalog for Your Iceberg Lakehouse

Recorded Webinar

Are you considering implementing an Iceberg-based lakehouse in your data architecture but unsure about the best catalog to use?

Watch this in-depth technical webinar where Roy Hasson, VP of Product, and Jason Hall, Principal solution architect, will guide you through the various catalog solutions and help you choose the best one for your use case and architecture.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Iceberg Catalogs: Learn what an Iceberg catalog is and its role in managing your data tables.
  2. Compare options: Explore the different catalog options available, including Snowflake Polaris, AWS Glue, Unity Catalog and more, and understand their specific use cases.
  3. Understand Compatibility and Interoperability: Explore compatibility and interoperability benefits and challenges and what you can do to build a future-proof Lakehouse, accessible by current and future tools.
  4. Live tutorial – We will show you how to use Upsolver to ingest, optimize and catalog Iceberg tables using a variety of catalogs.

About the presenters

  • Roy Hasson, in his role as VP of Product, contributes extensive knowledge from his previous position as a product manager for AWS Glue and AWS Lake Formation
  • Jason Hall, serving as a Senior Solution Architect, brings over 15 years of industry experience, addressing challenges in various organizational contexts.


Jason Hall
Principal Solution Architect
Roy Hasson
VP Product

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