Frictionless Data Lake ETL for Petabyte-Scale Streaming Data


Ori Rafael

CEO & Co-Founder, Upsolver

Roy Hasson

Sr. Manager, Business Dev., AWS

Seva Feldman

VP R&D, ironSource

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ironSource, an app monetization and video advertising platform, managed to transform 500K events per second, using only a visual interface and SQL, saving thousands of engineering hours, reducing latency, and increasing system scale by a factor of ten. Discover how Upsolver helped ironSource reach these results.


What will you learn from
this webinar?

  • Why using a data lake ETL platform quickly maximizes value from your Amazon S3 data lake.
  • About common pitfalls in building a performant and versatile data lake, and how to overcome them.
  • How Upsolver automatically optimizes Amazon S3 data with columnar file formats, partitioning, and compaction.
  • How Upsolver automates specialized and code-intensive data engineering work for data pipelines while bypassing the complexity of popular open source frameworks such as Apache Spark.
  • And much more!
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