Better Advertising Through Timeliness:

How Ad Tech Innovator Clinch Automated Data Pipelines to Serve More Effective Ads in Real-Time

To deliver personalized ads, ad tech company Clinch tracks hundreds of millions of web users who generate 1 billion events each day. Clinch knew that the old school way of building data pipelines wasn’t going to work, so partnering with Upsolver, they were able to save time and money on their data warehouse fees as well as optimize their engineering resources.

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  • How Upsolver helped Clinch flow hundreds of millions of rows of data – removing most of the manual data transformation work in the process
  • The efficiencies Clinch developers gained via Upsolver’s automated file transformation, cluster management, and workflow orchestration, which minimized the need for hand-coded Scala
  • How Upsolver automatically moves incoming data into Clinch’s data lake within minutes, enabling Clinch to serve more relevant ads to its customers


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