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CDC and Database Replication for Cloud Data Lakes

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Your operational databases are a key data source for analysts and data scientists.  But replicating them into your data lake and making them query-able in seconds is usually a code-intensive project that can take months.

Is there a better way?

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– How to address challenges in modern database replication

– Ensuring data consistency and availability when replicating databases into a cloud data lake

– Replicating an operational database into Amazon S3 or Azure in 3 steps using Upsolver CDC

– Querying replicated data directly from your lake using Amazon Athena, other query engines and data stores

Mei Long

Product Lead, Upsolver

Dima Etkin

Senior Solution Architect, Upsolver

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Upsolver’s MySQL CDC feature lets you continuously replicate any on-prem or cloud MySQL database into your AWS or Azure data lake in a few simple steps, and without writing code.  Upsolver replicates a baseline snapshot of the source database and then keeps it up to date by monitoring the transaction log and replicating changes as they occur.

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