AWS Dev Day Hands-on Virtual Workshop:

AWS Dev Day – Build a Data Lakehouse in 2 Hours using Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, Amazon Athena and Upsolver

Join us on February 23rd, 10:00 am-12:00 pm GMT for a hands-on workshop led by Upsolver and AWS subject matter experts to build a Data Lakehouse.

This virtual workshop will allow you to transform and aggregate streaming data with Upsolver and AWS Kinesis. It also provides opportunities to analyze your data on Amazon Athena.

Attendees will get AWS credits to apply to their AWS account, which will cover the cost of the dev day AWS resources.

Our instructors will help you follow along using our lab environment and answer your questions along the way.

Because of the intensive hands on nature of this workshop, sign up today to secure your spot!



Thank you!

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About the event:

AWS Partner DevDay is a partner-led, AWS-supported event for customers. It is a hands-on technical event delivered by APN Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas. Customers will get to try some of the hottest topics in cloud computing, and get deep dives into AWS-powered partner solutions. Upsolver technical experts will explain key features and use cases, share best practices, walk through technical demos, and be available to answer your questions one-on-one.


  • Introduction
  • Overview of AWS Data Lake
  • Overview of Upsolver
  • A quick Demo/Workshop walk through
  • Hands on Workshop with Upsolver, Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Athena
    • Ingest data from streaming and batch sources using Upsolver
    • Transform data, including PII masking
    • Output data to optimized Athena tables
    • Create a upserting output to Athena
    • Create an aggregated output, improving Athena query performance by up 20x or more


Who should attend?

Engineers, Architects, CTO’s, Data Analysts who are looking to get hands on experience with easily building a Data Lake on AWS.


  • Stable internet access
  • AWS Account for the hands-on workshop

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