On-Demand Webinar: Big Data Ingestion Architecture

Experts Share Strategies to Avoid 5 Data Ingestion Pitfalls

As you bring new complex data sources such as clickstreams, logs, and IoT data into your Snowflake Data Cloud, you will encounter brand new challenges to ensuring data quality.

In this online talk, Upsolver Co-Founder, CEO, and former data engineer Ori Rafael and Head of Data Santona Tuli will dive into the following topics: 

  • What is it about modern data architecture  that makes it difficult to ensure data quality?
  • What are five key quality challenges we face when attempting to bring this data into Snowflake?
  • What are the pros and cons of the various options available to address these issues?
Ori Rafael
CEO and Co Founder, Upsolver
Santona Tuli
Santona Tuli
Head of Data

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What will you learn?

The session will end with a demonstration of Upsolver’s big data ingestion solution that comes with built-in data quality and data observability.

Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to optimize your data systems and unlock the full potential of real-time insights. This webinar is perfect for:

  • Data engineering leaders who want to understand how to solve practical big data ingestion challenges.
  • CTOs who want to discover cloud architecture best practices.
  • Data practitioners who want to enrich their knowledge about big data ingestion.


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