Reduce your Splunk spending by 90% with Upsolver and Amazon S3

Splunk is an excellent tool for needle in the haystack searches for IT and security teams. Unfortunately, the haystack can be very expensive. Some users index everything into Splunk before realizing the vast majority of data is accessed infrequently and can therefore be stored on cheaper alternatives like AWS S3. The cost of indexing data that’s unnecessary for Splunk searches can really add up.  Download this guide to learn how Upsolver  can help you to reduce your Splunk cost by 90%.


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What will you learn from this guide?

  • Minimize Splunk spending by transforming and aggregating data using Upsolver
  • Integrate Splunk with real-time streaming data transformed by Upsolver
  • Allow SQL analytics using engines such as Athena or RedShift on S3 data

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