30 Minute Upsolver Open Demo

  •  July 20, 10 AM PDT | 1 PM EDT – Build a Streaming Pipeline in 30 Minutes on AWS – Upsolver Open Demo
  •  July 27, 10 AM PDT | 1 PM EDT – Blend Batch & Streaming Data on Snowflake – Upsolver 30 min Data Pipeline Demo


Is building data pipelines the old-fashioned way taking too much of your time? Hand-coding PipelineOps functions – orchestration, compaction, table optimization, UPSERTs, scaling – is tedious, manual work.  Upsolver can help!

Join our open demo where our technical experts will show you how to build data pipelines using only SQL, with the PipelineOps work automated by Upsolver. And not just simple pipelines, but stateful pipelines that continuously blend streaming and batch data with high-performance and real-time data freshness at scale.

Let our data experts show you – 

  • How to ingest data from real-time streaming and batch sources
  • Profile and model data using Upsolver’s schema detection
  • Declare stateful transformations such as joins and aggregations using only SQL
  • Output live tables to query engines, your data warehouse or other analytics targets
  • Monitor and manage your pipelines
  • The quickest way to load your output data into Snowflake–with a live demo with Snowflake data


Join us to see Upsolver in action. 

See you there!

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