Cloud data integration for data-intensive companies

Upsolver is a cloud-native platform that lets you seamlessly move and transform data in an open lake architecture – providing unparalleled scalability, ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

  • Managed ingestion, orchestration, object storage and transformation pipelines for batch and streaming data
  • Improve query performance by delivering super-optimized data to databases or serverless query engines
  • Run complex transformations using SQL – streaming joins, window aggregations, high cardinality joins
  • Store all the data on S3 or Azure Data Lake to build a centralized data hub that supports any use case: log analytics, real-time analytics or change-data-capture
  • Only SQL knowledge required – no coding in Spark/Hadoop


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Upsolver provides the scale of big data integration tools and the ease of use of modern SQL tools

Spark Ecosystem

Databricks, EMR, open-source

  • Code-intensive (Scala, Java) and difficult to manage
  • Creates bottlenecks and overloads data engineers
  • High infrastructure and engineering costs

Modern ELT tools

Fivetran, Matillion, DBT

  • Fully managed data pipelines
  • Creates vendor lock-in and overreliance on database providers
  • Drives up cloud data warehouse compute costs


Self-service at scale

  • Fully managed data hub using SQL
  • Democratizes analytics for engineering and BI teams
  • Scalable low-cost architecture leveraging cloud object storage
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Highly efficient compute engine drives EC2 efficiency
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Reduce data warehouse costs with a modern lakehouse architecture

Store all your data in open file formats and deliver analytics-ready data to query engines or data warehouses

The days of monolithic enterprise data warehouses are over – today’s organization relies on a multitude of tools for storage, compute, ad-hoc analytics and machine learning. Upsolver embraces the modern data stack and lets you work with data your way – no vendor lock-in, no proprietary file formats, and no complex architecture to manage.

Technology that's built to solve your toughest data engineering challenges

From streaming joins to change-data-capture, Upsolver was built from the ground up to simplify complex analytics projects

Upsolver runs on homegrown technology that allows us to store 10x the amount of data in-memory – unlocking powerful capabilities for streaming analytics, change-data-capture, and data lake optimization. We did the heavy lifting – all you need to do is write SQL.

Simplify Pipelines for Complex Data

  • Reduce 90% of ETL pipeline development
  • Deliver queryable data from streaming & batch
  • Easily scale pipelines from GBs to PBs
  • Eliminate 50-75% of compute & engineering costs

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Batch and streaming pipelines.

Accelerate data lake queries

Real-time ETL for cloud data warehouse

Build real-time data products

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